April 29, 2022

Astro Simple blog theme

simple blog is a simple blog theme for Astro.


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This theme is built upon a theme called simple-blog for hugo. Full design credit goes to 10mohi6.


  • based on bootstrap
  • pagination
  • tags
  • categories

🧞 Commands

All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

Command Action
npm install Installs dependencies
npm run dev Starts local dev server at localhost:3000
npm run build Build your production site to ./dist/
npm run preview Preview your build locally, before deploying

👀 Want to learn more?

Feel free to check our documentation or jump into our Discord server.

Site Configuration

  // src/config.cjs
  // Web site base url
  siteBaseUrl: '/',
  // Web site language
  siteLanguage: "en",
  //Web site title. It is visible in sidebar and browser
  siteTitle: "Astro Themes",
  //Web site desciption. It is visible in sidebar. Also added head meta data.
  siteDescription: "<your site description>",
  //Override footer text.
  siteCopyright: "© 2020 copyright text.",
  //Site global date format. [dayjs](https://day.js.org/docs/en/display/format)
  dateFormat: "MMMM D, YYYY",
  // Pagination number of posts per page
  paginate: 6,
  //Customize the menu
      identifier: "about",
      name: "About",
      url: "/about/",


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This template is MIT licensed.